ZC4-land - operator on 20 meters now

Lee Besing

There is only ONE ham radio operator on Cyprus, and his name is David
ZC4DG, and he's on the air now near 14230 if you want to try and make
a contact.

He'll be asking for Texas contacts, so listen up! Good hunting!

From: david griffith <davidggriffith@...>
To: Lee Besing N5NTG <info@...>, <n5vys@...>
Subject: RE: ZC4-land
Date: Sun, 27 Jul 2008 20:04:59 +0000
X-OriginalArrivalTime: 27 Jul 2008 20:04:59.0656 (UTC)

Ok, well have consulted with some local stns so Iam on the way in
now..at 2000UTC to fire up the station, reliably informed that US is
wide open att - intend staying until condx fade out! David

Date: Sun, 27 Jul 2008 04:58:21 -0500
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Subject: RE: ZC4-land

Reminds me of my trip in 2001 to Trinidad. Was an IOTA contest
going on then, and we had hell getting back to the United
States. And in 2005, there was a "Worked All European States"
contest, and all we could reach on HF was stations in Russia that
didn't want to talk with stations in the USA. :)

At 11:54 PM 7/26/2008, david griffith wrote:

Hi All
Well I was up on air at 0300UTC this morning (Sunday) but
propogation was poor- called on 14230 and then wore out my wrist on CW (14050).

The only stns I heard were in W6/W7 - they had some big antennas and
more juice than me. I am using 100W to a 3-ele beam which should
work fine under better condx.

Listening to other stns in the Middle East confirms poor propogation
att- tonight I will come up at 2000UTC same spots -

I am extending until Wed so we could connect! The first US stn I
get to I will ask them to put me on the cluster.

The IOTA contest does not help either, I am constantly asked for stn
locator! I worked an East coast stn but he would not work me
because he thought I was a contest stn - how rude!

73s David


Date: Thu, 24 Jul 2008 01:34:07 -0500
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From: info@...
Subject: RE: ZC4-land

Any luck yet? I've not had time to get my HF loop antenna
repaired. Apparently it was damaged during a recent storm, so I'm
trying to track down the break in the wire visually, or I'll need to
run a new one. But some of the other hams in this area have been
searching for you.

Obie Weathers Jr., N5VYS, in particular has been asking about
you. His email direct is n5vys@...

At 05:56 PM 7/21/2008, you wrote:

No RTTY at the club shack Lee, sorry. ZC4 is deplete..I guess I will
be the only op on the island as the Manager Ian, ZC4OS is moving
back to the UK. ZC4 was never a RTTY island, but funnily enough was
extremely active on 6M - weight precludes me bringing a rig out for
that! David.
PS take off in about 6 hours. Hpe to have some qso's with Texas yee ha

Date: Mon, 21 Jul 2008 14:32:13 -0500
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From: info@...
Subject: RE: ZC4-land

Had one request for RTTY contact, but I told him I wasn't sure what
your capabilities would be. :)

At 08:02 AM 7/21/2008, you wrote:

Great. I better pack a cw key in case!

Date: Sun, 20 Jul 2008 22:01:00 -0500
To: davidggriffith@...
From: info@...
Subject: Re: ZC4-land
I did receive your email and have spread it around to many of the
email lists locally who like to chase DX. I don't have my HF
antenna connected at the moment, so I guess I had better get to work
and either get it connected, or toss up another 20m antenna just for
this purpose.
At 07:45 AM 7/20/2008, you wrote:

Hi Lee

In case you did not receive my last email, I am back on ZC4-land on
Tuesday for a week and hope to hook up with some of your locals
during the period.

Aim to get on 20m say around 14230+- the qrm around 0300 UTC, no
doubt once I hook up the States I will be 'spotted' on the dx nets
so keep an eye on them! The east coast will put up a big wall as
usual but I will call qrz for Texas!

73s David
73 de N5NTG Lee W. Besing San Antonio, Texas
(210)771-7075 mobile