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Paul Guido


As I discussed at the meeting yesterday, I have built a Team as a communication and collaboration tool for club use.  I did this in an effort to modernize the San Antonio Radio Clubs offline communications.

The Yahoo Group has served us well since David K5OLE (SK) made it in May of 2006 but technology marches on.  

A Slack Team is broken up into Channels.  In each channel, people can coordinate events and add important information like pictures, files, and links all in a searchable format.

The following open channels are already in the group.

#event  <- to support club events

#fieldday  <- to communicate about Field Day activities 

#meeting  <- to discuss meetings past and future

#qst  <- General Amateur Radio anouncements

#radiofiesta  <- to communicate about the Amateur Radio Fiesta activies 

#spurious-signals  <- random club information

In the future, other channels can be created for committees to collaborate.  

There is a Slack application for apple and android smart phones.  After an invitation is sent, you can have Slack send you a magic link to login.  The Magic Link makes it easy to log in to Slack from your phone for the first time.

If you would like an invite or have questions, please send an email to me using radioteacher@....

Paul Guido, N5IUT

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