We're Ready For Field Day

davidftx <davidftx@...>

Thanks to all who spent time and energy this evening doing the
preliminary setup work. Your efforts are appreciated!

The shelter is up and ready at Shavano Park City Hall. The 40 meter and
80 meter dipoles are ready to be raised first thing in the AM.

Saturday setup help would be appreciated starting about 9:00AM when we
will get the antennas up. We will set the computers up starting about

Field Day operations start at 1:00PM! We are always looking for
operators. Stop by even if you can only stay an hour. Everyone
operates at Field Day. We will work three stations from 1:00PM Saturday
through 1:00PM Sunday.

BBQ will be at 6:00PM. Please be at the Field Day site by 5:15Pm so we
can get a good count of how much BBQ to bring in.

For details on where we are located see the SARC website at w5sc.org
<http://groups.yahoo.com/group/W5SC/w5sc.org> .