W5SC.org version 2.0

Paul Guido


All of the pages of the W5SC.org web site now connect to a single
Cascading Style Sheet and a single Template. The only exception is
the Links page which has no attached Template.

The background color is now set to a version of tan.

The minimum resolution is now set for systems that use 800 x 600 or
higher for any browser. The pictures are now smaller on the About
SARC page. If you wish, you can click on the two pictures at the
bottom of the page to look at the full size pictures but beware they
are over 2 MB each.

The structure of the links page has not been incorporated into the
Template at this time.

Using the Template, the swapfest.htm page was created today in about
1 minute. The Template was used to create a new page, the data was
copied from the old swapfest page to the new one and the file was
saved. This automatically updated all of the links to page.

So if you have anything that you would like posted or changed on the
web site just ask and it will get done.

This is your web site. I would be happy to make any changes you


Paul Guido, N5IUT