W5SC.org Updated

Paul Guido

The W5SC website has updated information on the following topics:

Meeting time changed! The meeting will start 30 minutes earlier at
7:00 PM with the program first followed by business meeting.

Auction time again!
Bell & Howell
Model #: 100-4540 Current bid $5.

NVIS Antenna Test
On March 31st, W2IK in San Antonio and STARC/Coastal Bend ARES in
Corpus Christi will be conducting NVIS to NVIS antenna tests.

New to HF?
Check out the free information from the ARRL.

New Extra Test Math Study Guide!

Looking for an older article from this site? Check the SARC web news
archive for items such as.....the links to the presentations for the
December 2006 and March 2007 meetings.

Announcment of the San Antonio Radio Club 2008 Amateur Radio Fiesta
(formally the Swapfest), new location same prices.

2007 Committees listed.

Most Bexar Wires since 1998 posted to the web site.

BOD minutes posted from 2-13-2007 and 3-9-2007.

Updated the VE Testing information for the April session.

Let me know if there is other information that I can put on your club
web site. Also, tell me what needs to be fixed on the site!


Paul, N5IUT