Volunteer Opportunity for Hams or Non Hams

David F <davidftx@...>

Teri, KC5BJI, will be attempting to fill reception center and shelter ARES assignments as soon as the City decides where these facilities will be located.  This appears to be scheduled for later today and we should know more as a result of the late morining GDEM conference call.
Outside of the strict ARES umbrella is an volunteer opportunity for someone who wants to help and doesn't have an amateur radio license.  Shane, NS5D, wearing one of his many hats, has need for a volunteer to help the COSA communications organization by maintaining and operating a battery charging station.  This is a bigger deal than it sounds.  The City is using 100's of trunked handhelds for emergency communications.  Many of these radios are checked out to other agencies.  The battery life is less than desirable and these radio users bring them back in a short period of time for a fresh battery.  Sometimes this is just three hours of use.
Shane could use a willing teenager, spouse, neighbor or anyone willing to help maintain this charging station.  It is currently located at the ARCC but is subject to being moved.  Any volunteers need to have there own transportation.  Call me on 210-710-8721 or Shane on 210-473-4847 to volunteer.
David F.

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