Vintage Electronics Show

Tom O'Brien

Do you have a piece or two of vintage radio or electronic equipment that you'd like to show off?

The San Antonio Chapter of IEEE Life Members will hold a small exhibition of vintage electronics on Saturday, April 14, at St. Mary's University.

This show is open to all interested visitors, and as long as there's room, to all interested exhibitors.

Here are some examples of items that will be shown:

- Hallicrafters portable AM-SW radio
- Heathkit Oscilloscope
- BC-221AH Frequency Meter
- TRS-80 Computer
- TI "Speak and Spell" prototype
- 1900 Telegraph Operator's station
- Eimac power triodes
- Firestone AM-SW table radio
- Pickett teaching slide rule (5 feet long!)

As you can see, there's not much ham radio gear in the list, and we'd like to have ham stuff represented.
So, if you have an interesting piece of ham gear to show, dust it off and bring it to the exhibition.

Contact Tom O'Brien, AB5XZ, at t.p.obrien@..., or 210 481 3443 for details, and to sign up.

Tom O'Brien
Life Senior Member, IEEE
Life Senior Member, IEEE Communications Society
Past Chair, Houston Chapter IEEE ComSoc
Chair, IEEE Central Texas Section Life Member Affinity Group