The Reaction, Resignation, and Reality of the new licensing regulations

davidftx <davidftx@...>

Most of discussion I have had regarding the new licensing regulations,
dropping the Morse Code requirement, have been positive not only for
those who will now move forward in upgrading but also from those who
have been in ham radio a long time. Some of the long timers accepted
this and knew it would happen while some of us have actually been
excited about the prospect of bringing new operators into HF operations.

Jeff Schmidt, N5MNW, is an instructor for ham courses with the Austin
Amateur Radio Club and made these comments in the current AARC Swapfest

PTT and Brass Pounders,

Well, it's happened, the FCC has finally removed the requirement to
demonstrate Morse Code proficiency for all levels of U.S. Amateur Radio
Some are rejoicing, citing "victory", others are weeping,
citing, "the End of Amateur Radio as We Know It"... Please continue

I'd like to point out that this is only another in many "End of
Amateur Radio as We Know It", we will undoubtedly see more. This
familiar cry was heard as the Spark Gap Era ended, as actual Voices over
Radio were heard, as the SSB era began, as RTTY was developed, as FM was
introduced, as Repeaters were invented and evolved, as computers and
VOIP began to influence Amateur Radio and much, much more.

Now that the "battle" is over, it's time for the proponents of "No
Code" to join the "Know Coders" and, together, -do- the important things
that were stated as being missed.

The upcoming "Hello Radio" Special Event will be a -very- appropriate

As always, I'll be there to help and be a positive influence. Won't
you join me? Jeff N5MNW (slow-code Extra).

What a great and right minded attitude.

I was in a meeting at KCOMM tonight and learned that all of the General
Class study books have been sold. Ed thinks they will get a shipment
tomorrow. That's a very good sign. Wherever you come out on the
spectrum of excitement, offer some positive comments and lend a hand to
the new group of hams that are about to enjoy the excitement of HF.

David, K5OLE