SwapFest Coordinating Meeting/2006 Board of Directors Meeting

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We will have a SwapFest Committee Coordinating Meeting on Thursday,
December 7, 2006 at 7:00pm in Wesley Hall room 806, at Coker United
Methodist Church. Coker has been the location of the SARC Board
meetings for 2006 and is located at 231 E. North Loop Road, near US 281
and Nakoma. Please note that room 806 is on the second floor, just down
from where we have had the Board meetings. J.C. Smith will cover all
responsibilities and assignments for the SwapFest and determine what
assets are needed for the January event. All members with SwapFest
responsibilities are requested to attend. Any any and all members who
wish to volunteer for assignments for the event are asked to attend
also. Volunteers for the following activities will be assigned in
shifts, with as few as possible working the entire event:
* Gate Keepers to assist in the collecting of fees and distribution
of pre paid tickets
* Greeters/Membership Coordinators
* Radio Operators to assist AD5BR with the VHF Talk In and HF Special
Event Station
* Club Table Coordinators
* Other Coordinators
Notice of the San Antonio Radio Club Board of Directors Meeting: The
2006 Board of Directors is asked to attend in the event Board action is
required for any reason concerning the Swapfest. The Board of Directors
will meet at the above time and location, only if necessary. If you
have urgent business that the Board needs to consider before the end of
the year, please email either davidftx@...
<mailto:davidftx@...> or Kc5nkk@...
<mailto:Kc5nkk@...> . As always, all members are welcome at any
Board meeting. If you have questions, or are unable to attend this
meeting, please email me at davidftx@...
<mailto:davidftx@...> . David K5OLE