South Texas Section News

Don Jones

Redistributed, by Don, N5WSW Enjoy!

The month of June has a lot of things happening. I
will try to cover a
few of the happenings.

I hope no one has any problems with the heavy rains we
have been having lately. Today the north part of Texas
is having heavy flooding. Watch your TV for the latest
is these storms. Gainesville, Texas is almost
all under water according what the TV has to say.
People are being rescued from roof tops.
Most of the area seems to have about 2 feet of water.
The weather station in Ft. Worth came on 7.290 net to
see if there was any hams in the Gainesville area. No
response. I do hope that everyone made it

I have some pictures on the web for you to view. One
is the 7290 net picnic on April 28. The other 2 are
from the Hurricane Conference in Galveston showing the
ARRL booth. I understand that it was well
represented by and a lot was gained.

The month of June is the beginning of the Hurricane
season. All we can do is hope it's not to bad and
doesn't cause much damage.

We have an event coming up this month, does anyone
know what it is?

It's called Field Day. We all get to have fun seeing
how fast we can set up stations in the field and then
communicate. Don't forget to send a radiogram to your
Section Manager or SEC for an extra 100 points.

Please listen on the frequency before you transmit to
be sure you are not interfering with someone. Please
don't use 14.300. That frequency is always busy. The
main thing is to enjoy yourself and fill up on BBQ
Texas style with lots of ribs, brisket, and sausage.
Don't forget the trimmings and the sauce. Be sure to
invite a new ham so they can see how this wonderful
hobby really operates on their stomach a piece of
wire and a radio. Again enjoy.

God Bless America and our Troops

Until next month, 73.


ARRL South Texas Section
Section Manager: E. R. Taylor, N5NAV

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