SARC Elections Will Be Held at the November Meeting, This Thursday

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All San Antonio Radio Club Members:

This message is to remind you that the Regular November SARC meeting
will be held this Thursday, 7:30 pm, at KCOMM. November is election
month for the club and the annual elections will be held at this
meeting. Please attend if at all possible as there will be at least one
contested election. Details of the Nominating Committee's Report
are on the club's website at
<> . Procedures for the annual
election may be reviewed here:
<> ; those
procedures make provison for the proration of annual dues if they have
not been paid for 2006.

A drawing will be held for the door prize, a W2IK Desk Buddy 2 meter
antenna kit graciously donated by W2IK.

Email me with any questions at davidftx@...
<mailto:davidftx@...> .

David Freiberger