SARC 2007 Nominating Committee Report and Nov 9th Election Procedures

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San Antonio Radio Club
Election Procedures
November 9, 2006

These procedures have been developed to ensure that the annual
Officers and Directors elections of the San Antonio Radio Club are
conducted fairly, efficiently, and in accordance with the Club's
Constitution and Bylaws.

For the November 9, 2006 election of the 2007 Officers and
Directors, a Nominating Committee was appointed by the President on
September 26, 2006. That committee consists of J.C. Smith, N5RXS,
Charlie Land, KC5NKK, and Mike Check, K5UCQ. The committee reported
back, prior to October 25, 2006 as required by the Bylaws, to the
President with a slate of Officers and Directors who are qualified
and willing to serve in those various positions. That report
resulted in the Nominating Committee's Recommended Nominations which
has been circulated prior to start of tonight's meeting. These
nominations have been posted publicly on the W5SC Yahoo Group and
the W5SC Webpage.

Appointed as Tellers for any contested elections are
__________tba___________ and __________tba________.

The President will read the Committee's nomination for each and then
take additional nominations from the floor. To be elected to any
Office or Board position the candidate must be a member in good
standing in the San Antonio Radio Club. Any disputes regarding the
standing of a candidate will be determined instantly by the Board,
if a quorum is present. If a quorum of the Board is not present,
the standing of any candidate will be decided by the Chairman of the
Board or his delegate.

If there is an office in which there is only one nomination, and
therefore no contest, the president will call for a motion to accept
the nomination by acclimation.

No member may hold more than one position which sits on the Board of
Directors. The Constitution requires that the Board of Directors be
populated by ten separate Directors. If a candidate, who holds a
Board office that extends into 2007, is elected to another Board
position, that member must resign his prior office upon being
elected to the new office. In accordance with the Club's
Constitution the Chairman of the Board, or his delegate, will
appoint a replacement to serve until the 2007 election.


A. President-David Freiberger K5OLE
B. Vice President-J.C. Smith N5RXS
C. Secretary-Charlie Land KC5NKK
D. Treasurer-Diana Taylor KD5SXI or Paul Guido N5IUT
E. Sergeant-at-Arms-None
F. Director through 2011-Pat Knight AD5BR
G. Any Directorships vacated
a. Director through 2008 (currently a Chair appointment) Mike
Check K5UCQ
b. Director through 2007 (currently a Chair appointment) Paul
Guido N5IUT

Election Procedures

A. The President will call for the annual election.
B. The Nominating Committee will read the names of the members
C. Nominations will be taken from the floor from any member in
good standing for the nomination of any member in good standing who
has indicated to the nominator that he or she is willing to serve in
the position. It is not required that any nominee be present for
the election.
D. If there is a contested election:
a. Each candidate or his representative will be given an
opportunity, not to exceed three minutes, to address the membership.
b. The appointed Tellers will provide balloting material to
each member in good standing. Non members are welcome at any
meeting but are not permitted to vote. Membership issues will be
researched by the Treasurer and a decision will be rendered by the
Board or the Chairman as above. Any person who has paid dues for
2006 prior to the commencement of elections, and who is otherwise
eligible for membership pursuant to the bylaws, may vote in the
c. Ballots are secret. The Tellers will count the ballots
immediately and announce the winner. Actual tallies will be
announced only if requested from the floor. The President will then
declare the winner.

Election Issues

Membership-The San Antonio Radio Club requires only that a member be
interested in ham radio, make an application to the Treasurer, and
pay current dues. Only an FCC licensed amateur may hold elected
office, but any member may participate in Club activities and vote.
Guests are always welcome at Club meetings and activities. Guests
are never pressured to join the club, but guests may not vote.

Rarely does the issue arise concerning the payment of current dues.
If a member, either as a candidate or an elector, claims to have
paid the proper dues but no supporting Club record is available, at
that moment, supporting the claim; then that member should pay the
pro rated 2006 dues instantly in order to continue participating in
the election. Prorated 2006 dues are $3.75 during the last quarter
of the year. That member may submit documentation later to the
Treasurer supporting the claim. The Treasurer will then reimburse
the member the second dues payment if sufficient documentation is

Nominations and elections are addressed in the San Antonio Radio
Club Constitution and Bylaws. These procedures were designed to
implement the requirements of those instruments. At the end of the
Election the President will announce the list of the newly elected
Officers and Directors for the coming year.

Paul Guido

*The Nominating Committee Report and the Election Procedures have been
posted to the web site.*
*The Election Procedures have been converted to PDF Format and posted here
on the Yahoo Group and on the web site.*
*Paul Guido, N5IUT*