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By San Antonio Radio Club - SARC

Field Day assistance. The dictionary defines Field Day as getting enjoyment out of something. So please join us and get some enjoyment out it, PLEASE!

Field Day is coming. Right now it is just about 30 days out. It is always on the last full weekend of June. We will need assistance in all areas for us to have a good if not great Field Day. Some individuals consider it a contest, which it probably really is. I myself consider it a time to have fun as a group, help newer hams to learn some of the proper etiquette of just getting on the air, and of course meeting and greeting any and all participants. Newer hams are sometimes somewhat “scared” to get on the air, to Transmit. One of the other aspects of Field Day is seeing how well you can set up and get operating in times of need; ARES which is Amateur Radio Emergency Services. ARES is a different subject not to be included in this email blast. Anyone interested in ARES could let me know off line. Also getting involved with local events where ham radio operators are needed: walk-a-thons, bicycle rides, horse endurance rides, running marathons, basically any event where they are needs for communications. Please contact me again off-line again for any of those things you might be interested in. These are some of the areas that make ham radio fun.

I almost forgot, we will also be having food. BBQ is a Texas tradition, correct?

If you decide to call me, if your number is not in my phone I will probable not answer. Please leave a message or just text me.

Please come out and join us, PLEASE!

Joe Bruno