San Antonio R&R Marathon This Weekend (Sunday)

Lee Besing

I'm still in need of another 6-8 ham volunteers to help out this Sunday
morning. We're running on 2 meters, usually close enough to use your HT,
but always close enough for a mobile. We're only releasing the chosen
frequency to those who volunteer, to reduce intentional interference on the
day of the event. Volunteers need to be in position BEFORE 6AM, due to
road closures. There will be a bicycle ride starting on the same route, at
6:45am, followed by the handicap riders around 7:15am, and the main event at

The radio net for the event will be open around 5am to help give directions
to lost, I mean slightly bewildered hams who need assistance in finding
their exact location in the dark. One of the reasons I recommend scoping it
out prior to the event morning. Easier to find it in daylight. J

Course Maps are available on

Please contact me direct if you want to volunteer, or need to confirm you
are on the list.

We really need your help!

Lee Besing, N5NTG

Phone (210)771-7075 (cell) voice or text msg