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Lee Besing

The April 2010 issue of the San Antonio Hams newsletter has now been sent out to about 400+ hams in mostly the central Texas area, with a few outside that area as subscribers. Rather than clog the various groups with another copy of it, if you didn't receive it in the email just now, you can still view it online at Just click on the link shown on the top of the newsletter or use the following direct link.

The website's link does work fine, but apparently the link built into the email message itself didn't get properly formatted to connect the web copy, so the above link now goes direct to the correct file.

If you want to subscribe to future issues, use the "subscribe" link on that website to send me a message. Please try not to respond back to this yahoo group with a personal reply. :) I know how easy it is to just hit the reply button. If you wanted unsubscribed, well, there was a link on the copy of the newsletter you received, that will let you automatically unsubscribe. Please use it if you chose to leave us. We only had about 20 bounced email addresses this time around, plus a handful of those who never read their email anyway, so their boxes were over limit.

If you want to volunteer for the upcoming Tour de Cure event on May 22nd and 23rd, please contact me via email or phone. We offer free overnight dorm rooms for our 2-day volunteers (on Saturday), but cannot offer any help with Friday if you are driving in from out of the area. We expect about 2,000 riders in this year's 2-day event that rides from San Antonio to San Marcos, then San Marcos to Austin. 4 routes on Day 1, 3 routes on Day 2. We need to staff 7 rest stops on Day 1, 8 on Day 2, and need about a dozen hams to drive official TdC vehicles in various capacities (such as SAG, Turtle, or Signage pickup). Positions are assigned on a first come, first served basis, and the driving jobs are already starting to fill up. TdC has designated fuel stations along the route, just like the MS150 does, so drivers won't be out of pocket for any fuel expenses.

7e de Lee N5NTG

Lee Besing, N5NTG San Antonio, TX
210-771-7075 cell Twitter: N5NTG