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Lee Besing

I received a call from a Richard Garcia who will be in San Antonio the week
after Easter for doctor appointments. He bought a bunch of ham gear years
and years ago, with the eye toward equipping his newly built house (near El
Paso) with all the cabling pre-wired thru the walls, etc. Well, the
house got pre-wired, but Richard never passed his CW portion of the test,
and back then, even the Novice License required code. Richard said 20
years later and deciding he will never get his license (despite my
arguments to the contrary), he wants to sell off his "stuff".

He's got about 5 boxes of "stuff" including mostly Kenwood and Motorola
radios, controllers, etc. He started rattling off a list of what he had,
and I told him to email it to my "info@..." address. I also
gave him Kcomm's contact info and address for possible consignment
purposes. He's got HF and VHF stuff, plus more, including antennas.

If anyone wants to make a preemptive strike to buy his equipment that has
never been used, but isn't new, please call Richard # 956-722-6044. Tell
him that Lee sent you.

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Tony I have a Heath kit HW101 HF 10-80 good shape let me know
Ke5HBF Floyd Gordon

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Thanks guys for all your advice. I thought Belton was a lot further
from SA than it is. I am wanting to aquire HF and VHF xcvr.
73 de N5NTG Lee W. Besing San Antonio, Texas
(210)771-7075 mobile