OK QSO Party this weekend is a great chance to work HF

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Almost every weekend there is a state or regional QSO Party and this
weekend it is the OK QSO Party. This is a great opportunity for those
with new HF privileges to get on the air. This is Oklahoma's 100
anniversary of statehood and there will be special 1X1 event stations on
the air such as K5O and several others.

Contest Times: This contest does not go all day and all night.

Saturday, March 10th 1400-0200 UTC (8:00am to 8:00pm Red River Standard


Sunday, March 11th 1300-1900 UTC (8:00am-2:00pm Red River DAYLIGHT

Bands: Non-WARC HF bands, the OK DX Association suggests-

Suggested operating frequencies:
SSB: 3860 - 7260 - 14260 - 21360 - 28360
CW : 3545 - 7045 - 14045 - 21045 – 28045

But you will find OK stations spread out on each band. From South Texas
your best bet is 40 Meters during the day and 80 Meters after sundown
Saturday night. You will be able to work 40 Meters at night, between
the SW broadcast stations. Some 20 Meters but 15 and 10 will rough,
this close to Oklahoma.

Exchange: You give "5-9 Texas". You receive "5-9 <OK
county>". The idea is to collect all 77 Oklahoma Counties'

Score: Work as many different OK stations as you can. Work each
station once per mode/band. You can work K5O once each on 40 CW, 40
Phone, 20 Phone, etc. Work as many different OK stations as you can,
SSB counts 2 points, CW/digital counts as 3. Multiply by the number of
OK counties you work (there are 77) to get your total.

Rovers: There will be Rovers who go from county to county. These are
common in QSO Parties and they try to get to the less ham populated
counties. They are considered a new station in each county. They are
usually pretty good about telling you what county they are in when they

See the rules here: http://okdxa.org/web/html/okqprulz.htm

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