Newsletter articles, pictures, classified ads, funny items needed this week!

Pat Knight AD5BR <ad5br@...>

Please send replies to and not to the W5SC Yahoo group.

Help promote ham radio! A fun, informative club newsletter can do that, and your contributions can help that happen. Please share whatever you think the rest of us might enjoy in the club newsletter. Send any funny stories, links to interesting web sites, helpful ham hints, as well as news articles. Photos, ham-related comics, and clean jokes are also welcome!

We also can run ads for your junk, I mean treasure, that didn't sell at the Swapfest, and your wanted-to-buy listings. Surely we all have or need something that we could exchange with another member!

Contributions for our club newsletter, the Bexar Wire, are needed this week so we can mail an issue that promotes our February 8 meeting in time for members to read about it before the meeting takes place!

Please send anything for the newsletter to

We are still looking for an editor, but OLE drafted a mule-skinner to make sure this issue goes to press.