Meeting Time Changes to 7:00PM Starting in April & Other Club Notifications

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Not the biggest change in the world, but one we all need to put on our
calendars: The SARC meeting time will move up to 7:00 PM starting with
the April 12th SARC regular meeting. Approved by the Board of Directors
March 8, 2007.

Your Board of Directors met on February 13, 2007 and a draft of the
minutes were distributed at the regular meeting on March 8, 2007.
Highlights of that meeting included:

The Club Bylaws were changed to read:

E. Dues

1. Dues are payable as of January 1 of each year. Any member whose dues
are not paid by the February General Meeting shall be dropped from the
membership roll. The Board of Directors shall set the dues of the Club
which will remain in effect until the Board votes to change them from
the current rate. Any and all discounts will only be offered with
approval of the Board of Directors.

Dues were previously embedded in the Bylaws and it became cumbersome to
offer special signups, such as the EarlyBird special the Club offers
current members at the end of the year. This change did not affect the
actual dues, just how they are set.

The Club Bylaws were also changed to read:

D. Fiscal Affairs

3. An Annual Financial Review of the Club's accounts will be conducted
in January of each year. The Financial Review Committee shall be
composed of three or more members including the outgoing and incoming
Treasurers and one or more additional members appointed by the
President. The committee shall report to the Board of Directors at the
first Directors' meeting of the year

This change was to more accurately reflect what the process actually is,
a financial review rather than a corporate audit performed by a CPA.
The timing was also changed so that end of the year financial statements
from the bank could be included and the transition from one Treasurer to
a newly elected Treasurer could be accomplished more smoothly.

The current version of the San Antonio Radio Club Constitution and
Bylaws is dated February 13, 2007. Copies will be available at the
April regular meeting which, you will recall, begins at 7:00pm.

A Dues Schedule was adopted by the Board to reflect the current dues
rates and to include incentives to attract new members:

Annual Standard Membership

BexarWire received by mail-

BexarWire received by email-

Family Membership-All family members, living at the same address are
included in the original membership at no additional charge. Where the
BexarWire is received by US mail, only one copy will be sent to the
members' address.

EarlyBird Special Discount-During each annual membership drive SARC
offers a discounted annual rate for both existing and new members. The
EarlyBird Special rate is available from the day of the regular November
Membership Meeting through the last day of January of the next year.

BexarWire received by mail-

BexarWire received by email-

VE TEST $1 Special-The San Antonio Radio Club offers a very special rate
for those who take either their first VE test or test to upgrade their
license Between February 24, 2007 and June 30, 2007. This special
applies to those who were not SARC members during 2005 or 2006. The $1
membership is valid for all of 2007 and it is a regular membership.
Renewal for 2008 will be at standard or EarlyBird rates depending on how
the member chooses to renew. Testing can be at any VE Test Session.
Passing the attempted test is not a requirement. This membership
receives the BexarWire by email only and future years cannot be
included. This rate is not prorated by quarter. Application may be
made at the VE Test Session or anytime afterwards with proof of test
attempt. THIS OFFER EXPIRES JUNE, 30, 2007.

$1 New Ham/Upgrade Annual Dues $1.00

Welcome Back to SARC! Special Membership Offer-The San Antonio Radio
Club offers a one time special rate for former members who have not be
on the roster for the past couple of years. To receive this rate the
applicant must have been a member in 2005 or before, but not since.
This is a special rate for full membership and successive years must be
at the Standard or EarlyBird rate, depending on how the member chooses
to renew. This membership is for all of 2007 and future years may not
be purchased at this rate. This offer may be prorated by quarter. THIS

Welcome Back to SARC! Annual dues

BexarWire received by mail-

BexarWire received by email-

The San Antonio Radio Club has only one class of membership, the dues
special you qualify for does not dilute your membership. SARC prorates
dues by quarter except for the VE Test $1 Special. If you join after
the start of the second quarter, the dues displayed are reduced by 25%.

SwapFest has been renamed The San Antonio Radio Fiesta to enhance
marketing opportunities and to reflect the culture of the city. The
event also has a new home at The Schertz Knights of Columbus Hall, 509
Schertz Parkway. After much consideration by the SwapFest Committee it
was determined that we had maximized Little Joe's Country Gold who
served us well for several years. A review of several venues in the
area revealed that the Schertz Knights of Columbus Hall gave us more
value for the dollar than any other facility. The Radio
Fiesta page has been updated to reflect the change, see it at <> .