Licensing class for Seniors

Tom O'Brien

Starting September 15, the Academy of Learning in Retirement (ALIR), in conjunction with the North East Independent School District (NEISD), will offer a class for senior citizens (age 55 and over), leading to an Amateur Radio License.

The class will be offered at the NEISD training center at 8750 Tesoro Drive in San Antonio.

Here are the particulars, from the course catalog:

Course title: Earn an Amateur (Ham) Radio License
Instructor: Tom O'Brien, AB5XZ
Time: Tuesday, 1:00 PM to 2:15 PM
Description: Al the knowledge you need to pass the FCC "Technician" exam will be presented in this class. We will use the Internet for individual self-study. There will be some in-class demonstrations. Topics include: FCC rules, operating practices, radio and electronics fundamentals, setting up and operating a station, special operations, emergency and public service communications, radio waves, propagation and antennas, and electrical and RF safety. Tom has had his ham radio license since 1959 and has taught ham courses for all license grades in the Houston area for 15 years.

Additional notes: The FCC exam will be given in the classroom at the end of the course, which will last about 11 weeks. There is no longer a Morse Code requirement. Handout material and self-test software will be provided on CD-ROM.

To get registration materials, call North East Community Education at 210.657.8866.

If you have questions, please call Tom O'Brien at 210 481 3443, or e-mail ab5xz@....

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