Locked L'Etape San Antonio ride April 10th volunteer sign ups - please share

Lee Besing

If you're wanting to participate in this historic new ride happening on April 10th and you have not already signed up officially as a volunteer through the link provided at SanAntonioHams.org/blog, please do so as soon as possible.

If you have already signed up, and many of you have, thank you for stepping forward to help. It looks like they're only going to have six aid stations instead of seven, but they're wanting us to have at least eight sag van / rovers on the course.

We are now making assignments and finding out what equipment people have in terms of being able to reach the repeater that's located up near highway 16 and FM 1283 at 2100 FT elevation.  I have been doing some testing and the repeater seems to have pretty good coverage.

I'm needing to figure out who's going to work in aid station/water station, versus being willing to drive a rental sag van. Sag Vans will need to be picked up from CAPPS van rental on Friday afternoon or evening before they close. Obviously, they'll get returned Sunday evening, after the event is over.

CAPPS van rentals will remove the rear to rows of seats and store them, so the drivers don't have to worry about that. Fuel will be taking care of by the organizers. CAPPS van rentals is located on 410, across from the airport.

Lee Besing
San Antonio TX