K4TWJ in need of prayers

Tom O'Brien

From: Rex Harper <w1rex@megalink.net>

This message is from a QRP message board.
Dave Ingram is a leading advocate of QRP and homebrewing, as well as CW.

My fellow QRPers,

I received an Email from Sandy the wife of Dave Ingram, K4TWJ, who we
all know writes the QRP column for CQ Magazine. Dave suffered a
massive heart attack on New Years Eve and his situation is not good.
He is at St. Vincent's Hospital, 810 St. Vincent's Drive, Birmingham,
AL 35025. I hope some of you can send him your best wishes. I'm not
sure if he is in any condition to be able to read them but I know that
cards and notes from his readers would certainly be a positive thing!
I am an avid reader of his column and would love to be able to
continue to read it in the future. My prayers will be with Dave and


Tom O'Brien
San Antonio, Texas