Help Needed - Ham Radio Related Events in San Antonio Area - March events

Lee Besing

The following is a list of events during March 2014, pulled from website.  Each is an opportunity to get involved with a worthy project using your ham radio skills. See you there!  Lee N5NTG  210-771-7075


March 2nd - 2014 Alamo City Run Fest

Hams are needed to help coordinate medical communications for the 2014 Alamo City Run Fest being held on Sunday, March 2, 2014, in downtown San Antonio, Texas.  They have multiple routes ranging to as long as a 1/2 marathon (13.2 miles), with about 9 medical stations scattered around the various courses. The routes all start and end at the Alamo Dome.  See for copies of the route maps.

Radio Communications for this event are being coordinated by MaryAnn N5NYM and Royce KA5OHJ.  They are asking for more help. This was (as usual) a sort of last minute decision that the “professional skilled services” of the amateur radio community would help make this event safer for the participants.  Hopefully, the ham community will once more rise to the challenge and help make that statement true. We have lots of skilled communicators in our group of active hams, and it’s time to step up and do it again.  Besides, the past couple of months without any major events has been boring, right?

Please contact  Royce KA5OHJ at 210-707-8125 to volunteer or to get more info.



March 8th -  Test Equipment Class For Hams - Schertz Public Library

The class will be an entry level Test Equipment Class.  This class is for newcomers to amateur radio or old timers that just want to learn how to use test equipment, the tests and how they can apply to us as hams.  Our equipment list includes but is not limited to:

  • Digital VOM  Fluke
  • Analog VOM  Simpson 206
  • Oscilloscope 20 mHz Tektronix
  • 30 Amp Power Supply
  • Motorola Signal Generator
  • Elecraft RF Signal Source
  • MFJ-259 / 269

We will explore capacitors, resistors, diodes and ohms law!  There will be lots of “hands on” activity in this class!  Bring some paper, pen or pencils, and a calculator with you.    This information will help you understand the Ham Radio hobby, and might even help you better understand the questions on the Extra Class test as well.

The Entry level Test Equipment class will be held at the Schertz Public Library on March 8, 2014, starting at 12:00 PM.   The class size is limited (most due to the size of the classroom at the library)  so don’t hesitate to sign up! 

See map to library here

We will be providing Coffee and Coca-Cola and Dr. Pepper refreshments for the class (If the library permits such items inside).  Depending on how the class progresses, how the participation and interest goes, We may hold a second continuing more advanced class.

RSVP Only – Please call Mark at (830) 494-3913 or e-mail me ASAP. If no answer, please leave a message.

Mark A. Lacy, W5TXR



March 15th -  2014 Annual Rider Rally for ADA Tour de Cure San Antonio


We will be covering training rides of 16, 30 & 50 miles mostly south of 1604, down towards Poteet and Summerset.  This is NOT the main ride. The main rider will be on the north side in May.


We are looking for Hams who can pick up bicycles and riders on this training ride, or be stationed at one of the three break points.  That usually requires either a pickup truck, or a vehicle with a bike rack and room to carry the rider(s) if you are doing SAG duty.  Mobile radios are required, due to the sparse coverage by available repeaters, for all assignments. HT's won't work in about 50% (or more) of the route. 


Start / Finish line is on the south side of town, at the new Texas A&M University, 1 University Way, San Antonio, TX 78224.   Starting time is 8:30am, so we need to be on site by 7:30am or so. Limited selection of free food available for breakfast, but free lunch afterwards is usually the norm. 


Contact Lee N5NTG at 210-771-7075 or info@... to volunteer.




March 15 and 16th 2014 - Hill Country State Natural Area – Bandera, TX

2 day Equestrian Endurance Competition. Hill Country REACT and other area Amateur Radio Operators will be providing radio, safety and tracking support for this event. Typically participation is 75 – 100 riders/horses.

The events typically start around 07:30 hrs both days and we are usually in from the field around 15:00 hrs, sometimes earlier, sometimes later. Lunch and Dinner will be provided both days. We have 5 positions to monitor throughout the event and provide tracking information back to net control. Comms is typically 2 meter simplex, so a mobile/portable unit with 20 watts or more and possibly a elevated antenna for 2 positions will be suggested. This is a fun event and volunteer appreciation amongst the event management and participants is great. Free Camping Spots are available at the Chapa’s Group Camp, which is the event central.

We could use a few more operators to fill some slots and enjoy the great Texas Hill Country.
Contact Louis – K5STX at k5stx at to volunteer or get more information.



We might squeeze in another event or two on both March 29th and 30th, but I'm still working out the details...


Lee Besing

210-771-7075 (cell)