FW: You GOTTA see this video!!!

Gary Harmon

Very interesting video.

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Subject: You GOTTA see this video!!!

Hal N4GG presented this to the North Fulton Amateur Radio League last
evening. This is a replica of a 1910 rotary spark-gap transmitter AND IT

The video is a little over an hour long, and is a great presentation,
however if you want to just watch the transmitter in action go to about 1 hr
5 mins and watch from there. This project took Hal over 2500 hours to
complete. It weighs in excess of 70 pounds! It is a beautiful piece of
antique radio gear and when you hear it for the first time and see that
"Blue Lightening" flashing across the spark-gap you'll be seeing "REAL
RADIO" in action.

Have fun!!


VY 73 es GUD DX!

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