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Hello, everyone;

I would like to announce a new ebook version of my previous book “Heathkit:
A Guide to the Amateur Radio Products.” The book is free, and runs in a free app called Evernote.

The use of Evernote allows to the book to be dynamic. That is to say, when I make changes or additions to the book, those changes and additions are sent to your copy immediately. This means you will always have the current version.

Evernote is available free for virtually all desktop and mobile devices, and operating systems, with the exception of Linux. This means you can carry it with you on your smartphone for handy reference.

I have made extensive changes to the book, including new multiple hi-res color photos, extended descriptions, shareable/printable PDF schematics, tube listings with links to tube data, and references to print and online information. And, I tinker with the book all the time, adding new photos and/or information as it becomes available.

To get started with the book, I recommend that you install it first on your desktop/laptop computer. To do this you must establish a free account with Evernote.

Point your browser to this link: http://tinyurl.com/ppj83b3

The rest should be intuitive enough. You will be asked to download the app and “join the notebook.” (Evernote calls these types of files notebooks).
There is a lot of data, so be patient while it loads in. Setting the app to “sort by title” will provide the most logical presentation of the products.

I have not entirely finished all the work I would like to do with the book, so you may notice some gaps here and there, but, as I said, the book is dynamic and I will continue working on it to the fullest extent that time permits.

Please note that I am not able to provide technical support for Evernote, but will do my best to answer any questions you may have.

I invite you comments and suggestions.

Best regards,

Chuck / WA7ZZE
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