FIELD DAY June 24th & 25th at Shavano Park

K5OLE <davidftx@...>

Field Day 2006

1800 UTC Saturday, June 24th through 1800 UTC June 25th

Location: Shavano Park City Hall , 900 Saddletree Court, Shavano
Park, TX 78231


Week of June 19th. Test cable, radios, digital interface, and

Friday, June 23rd. 4:00 PM. Load SARC equipment. KCOMM

Saturday, June 24th. 8:00 AM SETUP at Shavano Park .


6:00PM BBZ

Sunday, June 25th 1:00PM TEAR DOWN

Operating Environment:

We will operate as a Class 2A station using the club call sign,
W5SC. That means two stations in service at any time. One SSB and
the second station will be primarily for digital and CW. We will
setup multiple dipoles and at least one vertical.

Everyone operates! If you are new to Field Day and/or HF operations
you need to know that we want you to operate.

Logging will be by computer. We will use N3FJP's software and
network two or more computers. Ask for a demo when you show up or
go to n3fjp and download the software at no cost to play with it
before Field Day.

Power will be from club generators.

The club will setup a portable shelter for the operating positions.
There will be fans, but this is late June in South Texas . It will
be hot. Ice chests will be available but bring water! Bring lots
of water.

Bring Deep Woods Off or similar for night time operations.

A BBQ will be held Saturday evening at approximately 6:00 PM for all
members and guests. Let us know if you plan to attend so we can
plan accordingly.

If you have questions please call David Freiberger at 710-8721 or
email at davidftx@....

Volunteers Needed:

Friday: 4:00pm KCOMM Need at least two volunteers and one more pick
up or SUV to load gear.

Saturday: 8:00am Shavano Park City Hall SETUP - We need all of the
help we can get.

Sunday: 1:00pm TEARDOWN