Field Day 2009, June 27th and 28th

Paul Guido

Please check out the clubs web site at for complete information on Field Day 2009!

I think the scope and size of this event shows the deep commitment that the Area's Amateur Radio operators have for emergency communication.


Paul Guido, N5IUT


Field Day 2009 Looms Large as SA Hams Prepare for Mega-Event

by Shane O'Neal NS5D

Field Day 2009 is nearly upon us, and preparations are underway to make this the largest, most successful Field Day event in San Antonio's history. This is thanks to the participation of AARO, SARC, ROOST, SARO, Hill Country REACT, QCWA and many other organizations and individuals, operating jointly under the banner of Bexar County ARES.

Field Day 2009 is expected to draw record numbers of operators and will feature many different bands and modes of operation, including CW, SSB, PSK-31, FM and ATV as a Class F (EOC) station. The total number of transmitters to be operated has yet to be determined but will number at least six.