DX exclusive for San Antonio - update from ZC4 - Cyprus

Lee Besing

Got another update from David, he apparently
allowed for the time change in his saying
"Tuesday" arrival. as of 6pm on Monday 07/21, he
says he will depart in 6 hours, so that means he
is in the air as I type this message. He said
that the other operator is leaving the island, so
he will be the only ham on the island during this stay. Good luck!

At 05:56 PM 7/21/2008, david griffith wrote:
No RTTY at the club shack Lee, sorry. ZC4 is
deplete..I guess I will be the only op on the
island as the Manager Ian, ZC4OS is moving back
to the UK. ZC4 was never a RTTY island, but
funnily enough was extremely active on 6M -
weight precludes me bringing a rig out for that! David.
PS take off in about 6 hours. Hpe to have some qso's with Texas yee ha

At 10:34 PM 7/20/2008, Lee Besing wrote:

He's confirmed that he is enroute to Cyprus now,
and will try to be on 20m around 14230, and will
be on the air around 0300 UTC, which I think
translates to around 10pm local time. If he
says "starting Tuesday @ 0300", would that mean
we ought to listen Monday night?

At 07:45 AM 7/20/2008, david griffith wrote:
Hi Lee

In case you did not receive my last email, I
am back on ZC4-land on Tuesday for a week and
hope to hook up with some of your locals during the period.

Aim to get on 20m say around 14230+- the qrm
around 0300 UTC, no doubt once I hook up the
States I will be 'spotted' on the dx nets so
keep an eye on them! The east coast will put up
a big wall as usual but I will call qrz for Texas!

73s David

At 12:45 PM 7/5/2008, you wrote:

Thanks Lee,
I need ZC4 on 20 meters for a new band. Would
be nice to wrkd David Rtty,but I will take it
any way I get it. Keep us in the loop.

Obie n5vys

"Lee Besing, N5NTG" <lee@...> wrote:
Hey guys, thought I'd pass this opportunity
along to you. This guy worked the Christmas
Parade in 2007 over in Sattler, Texas, while he
was in town for a training session (he was an
instructor from the UK Royal Air Force).


At 08:06 AM 7/4/2008, Tech Div - T&E WO1 DTIO - WO1 D Griffith wrote:


Heads up for the locals – back on Cyprus from
22 July for a week. Aim to be up on 20m early
morning 0300UTC ish, probably up around 14220
or something. Once I get a clear spot I am sure
I will be ‘spotted’ – if you miss one morning –
I will return the next one around the same freq
and call cq for Texas! I may even text you my freq if that’s not cheating!!

I will listen/call for Texas – especially your
policeman friend – I have his call at home.

Qsl info is via my home call G0OAB.

Best Regards to all

David ZC4DG

73 de N5NTG Lee W. Besing San Antonio, Texas
(210)771-7075 mobile

Lee W. Besing San Antonio, TX
(210)771-7075 voice
Lee W. Besing San Antonio, TX
(210)771-7075 voice

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