CW Fun!


If you have a straight key, bug, or sideswiper (electronic keyer/paddles NOT allowed), and are a working on your CW or a CW op looking for some slow paced and easy to go fun this weekend – check this out, it’s just a fun thing.  It’s small in number, some experienced, some not so much.  If you know anyone who might be interested, pass it on to them.  No big awards, just seeing how high you get on the CW Fun Event 17 results chart.  When it’s over, logs are submitted by the following Friday, scores are posted on the cwfun event web page by callsign a few days afterwards.  There are about five of these events a year.


This was passed through the SKCC Yahoo group even though it’s not a SKCC sponsored event, it’s just a straight key fun event some SKCC members enjoy.  If you’re an SKCC member, you can exchange SKCC numbers if you want.  Some participants may not be SKCC members, that’s not a prerequisite at all.


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Cray / K5MUG


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We need more participants for the CWFun event this weekend coming up.
Details and registration at .

Dick. k2rfp