Central Texas Traffic Net

Mike Check K5UCQ

Below are excerpts from an e-mail I received from Jeremy. If anyone has an
contact he or I at our e-mails. PLEASE, NOT TO THE LIST!
My name is Jeremy Davenport (KE5ELI). I live in New Braunfels and
Rodney (W5DY) asked me a while back now to be net manager for the CTTN.
I accepted and promptly did nothing. I now have a few ideas on how to
get the net back going again, but want your opinion.

Second, I have been offered the use of two different machines as new
homes for the net. 146.76 in Seguin and 444.450 in Canyon Lake. Either
machine has better coverage than the .14 right now and I think either
will cover what the .14 used to. What are your thoughts about either of
these machines?
146.76 negative offset 141.3 PL
444.450 positive offset 114.8 PL

Third, Are any of you willing to be net control for this net? I
am going to work on getting a few more people involved, but need to know
who is willing to still participate.

Thank you for your time. My goal is to be back on the air in January.

Jeremy Davenport
jeremy at heitx.com