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Paul, N5IUT, spent a lot of time this weekend pdfing the archive of old
BexarWires and putting them on our website at
<> . Take a look at them.

While hustling to get documentation ready for tonight's Board meeting I
randomly downloaded the November, 1998 BexarWire, just for fun. What a
shock---the more things change the more they stay the same. What I
found read like it was written yesterday:

* The Flood of '98 had just ocurred and the President wrote his
column while being a radio operator at a Red Cross shelter.
* Teri Thomas, KC5BJI, had worked countless hours getting ham
volunteers for shelters.
* SARC was in the throes of trying to be a Special Service Club.
* SARC met at the Covenant Presbyterian Church in 1998. There was
discussion about moving the meeting time to 7:00pm from 7:30p.m, just as
there will be tonight.
* Nominees for office included Steve Cerwin, Royce Taylor, Richard
Elder, Ginny Check, and Mike Check.
* Dues were $15.oo per year.
* SARC was having trouble with attendance at their regular monthly

Amazing. Check out Paul's hard work and a little bit of Club history on
the website.