Another SARC's hamfest

Lee Besing

Shelby Amateur Radio Club in North Carolina, 2 day event similar in
scope to HamCom in Plano apparently. Happening this Labor Day
weekend on Saturday / Sunday. Their list of forums is still rather
skimpy, but their list of vendors sure isn't.

List of vendors here.

I also noted from the various pages of their site, that they also
involved multiple ham clubs, just like we (SARC San Antonio) does and
to a greater extent, like HamCom Plano does. Locally, we have had
REACT assisting with Talk-in for the past 12-15 years, and SARC has
extended an open invitation to other clubs to have displays,
etc. ROOST in the form of their current president Erik Rabe, has
had a presence, and the Bexar County ARES in recent years has
supported it by providing the ARES "Beast" comm vehicle.

In Plano, the outdoor flea market is run each day by a different ham
club. One club does talk-in, another does the outdoor flea market /
tailgate area, and the next day it reverses. One neat feature, is
the club doing the outdoor flea market area, gets the revenue from it
that day. At $8/slot with 100 slots max, that potential revenue
apparently was enough incentive for those neighboring clubs to get
involved in the event. Of course attendance at Plano is measured in
the thousands. They had 3k admission tickets printed (@ $10 each),
sold almost out on Friday, and had to print more overnight for
Saturday. What a neat problem to have!

Lee W. Besing San Antonio, TX
(210)771-7075 voice