Another Field Day is in the Log

K5OLE <davidftx@...>

Field Day 2006 is over and the antennas are down. The San Antonio
Radio Club ran three stations until a little after 3:00am when it
dropped to two and then quickly to one. By sun up we were back to
three. Most contacts were on 20 Meters with 40 close behind. We
did well on 80 at night, thanks to Pat, AD5BR. We had a few
contacts on 15 Meters, but 10 was tough. W5SC had contact with all
the lower 48 except Maine, most of the Canadian Provinces, and a few
DX stations. All in all, 27 hams dropped by to talk about
operating, think about operating, or actually sit down and operate.

I'm combining the logs tonight and will post the final results over
the weekend.

All the setting up and taking down help was appreciated. A special
thanks to Mike Check, K5UCQ, and Richard Elder, KB5ACN, for their
extra effort.

Thanks to everyone who participated.