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Bill Craft

Geomagnetic Storm Alert Issued For Earth After Coronal Mass Ejections
By Bill Galluccio
September 1, 2021
HUD Sun Solar Flare Particles coronal mass ejections
Photo: Getty Images
The National Weather Service's Space Weather Prediction Center is warning that a geomagnetic storm could impact the Earth this week. The agency said that the potential storms are the result of two coronal mass ejections from the sun on August 28.
"Both CMEs were modeled, and while results were not entirely conclusive, consensus is that these CMEs could possibly reach Earth on 01-02 September. Should these CMEs materialize, combined effects from the two transients have the potential to result in G1-G2 storm conditions," the agency explained.
The SWPC said that there is a chance of G1 storm conditions on Wednesday (September 1) and that we could see a G2 storm on Thursday as the second coronal mass ejection slams into the Earth's magnetic field. While the storms are on the low end of the five-point scale, even a G1 storm can cause disruptions. Geomagnetic storms can cause power surges that can damage the electrical grid, interfere with satellites, and disrupt radio communications.