Locked a stress reliever,

Bill Craft




At one time or another, we’ve all pulled up a YouTube video of a crackling fireplace to relax, “keep warm,” or entertain dinner party guests. YouTube ambience rooms are just like ’em, but they’re leveled up with animated scenery and soothing soundscapes that create a whole vibe. These videos can be a stress reliever, an escape from your desk view, or a WFH soundtrack. Whether you’re missing your local coffee shop or want to lounge in the Gryffindor common room, here are my personal favorite ambience picks: 

  • The medieval alchemist lab, where you can hear the making of potions and elixirs. 
  • Spend your workday in a 24/7 coffee shop. Come for the hygge atmosphere, stay for the smooth jazz or raindrops on the window. 
  • Pop into 221B Baker Street, where you can listen to London’s street-sweepers while sitting by a crackling fireplace.  
  • If you miss the library stacks, power through a study session in an 18th century library
  • A hacker’s room in a cyberpunk city.