A HAM from Oregon posted this in the SARC guestbook

Erik Smith <w5ets@...>

There is a HAM operator that posted this message in the SARC
guestbook on the website. I don't know if there is anyone that
might be able to help him, but if there is, please e-mail him.

Thanks and 73's,

Erik Smith, W5ETS
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This is Jerry-KE7GGV-Albany Oregon...I need some help..if you have
the time...I am working on my Spanish for a second language for

I would like to learn some basic HAM Spanish HAM phrases and other
things I can use on FM and HF(in the future)..I also use
ECHOLINK...I would like to thank you...this would help me out
especially in QSO'S....I am willing to learn and use this...

I thank you...take care...Sincerely

Jerry-THX..AND 73'S KE7GGV(ECHOLINK NODE # 283278)

KE7GGV(tech)-Gerald R.Gaule 146.440 PL100hz (Simplex) Albany Oregon
Node; 281783
ECHOLINK NODE # 283278(do you echolink?)