Locked Silent Key estate sale- Dick Schiet, KC0ZDB

Bill Craft

Silent Key estate sale- Dick Schiet, KC0ZDB

Jennifer Scheit 


(319) 821-9051


Dick’s daughter, Jennifer has come back to settle some of his things. One of which is his HAM radio equipment. She wants to sell his equipment during her stay this weekend.

As many of you know Dick was a snowbird and was only in SA during the winter, then went back to Oregon. He had a “ham shack” in his RV while he was in Seguin.

For sales, cash would be good, but mobile apps work for me, as well (Paypal; CashApp; Venmo). Any interested parties would need to connect with Jennifer by Tuesday, 11/22, while she is still in Seguin. With a short timeline, she cannot commit to trying to ship anything.

The items she is trying to sell is:

Price      Manufacturer Description Model

$75        OPEK SWR / Power meter SWR-6

$50        RCA Remote Programmable Antenna Rotator

$115       MFJ Adjustable Regulated DC Power Supply MFJ-4035MV

$150      AMERITRON Screwdriver Antenna Controller SDC-102

$500       ICOM HF/VHF/UHF Transceiver IC-706MK II G

$900       AMERITRON Amplifier AL-811H


$325      YAESU Digital/Analog Transceiver FTM-400D

$20        INMAC Surge Protector (4-plug)

$15        Extension Speaker VS-8

$90        Yaesu FT-60 Handheld Radio

$2,590 estimated range -

plus antenna, cables/cords, etc