Locked Robert A. Rodriguez K5AUW Scholarship Raffle Fundraiser

Harold Fleischer

Ticket sales for this fundraiser started months ago. SARC has been offering to sell tickets at every General Membership Meeting and will continue to do so until all 400 tickets are sold or the drawing is held on November 10, 2022, at the beginning of the General Membership Meeting on that date.

2.   Given when SARC started selling tickets and when the drawing was, there was plenty of time to take the position I support raising funds for Scholarship, and I will buy tickets later as the date approaches.

3.   We are now at that “later as the date approaches” point in time. This is the time to buy.

4.   When we approach some hams and say Scholarship fundraiser for young hams studying STEM (Science Technology Engineering Mathematics), they will cut us off and ask how much and reach for a wallet. These hams don’t care about the potential prizes; theses hams care about helping out. The answer, by the way, is $25 per ticket.

5.   When we approach other hams, they let us keep talking about the prizes after we talk about why the fundraiser. The prizes are very good. Often, we get a WOW when they hear the 1st prize. We get strong positive reactions about the 2nd and 3rd prizes. They listen politely about the 4th prize. The prizes are:

1st Prize: ICOM IC-7610 HF/50MHz Transceiver

2nd Prize: Yaesu FT-891 HF/50MHz Mobile Transceiver

3rd Prize: ICOM IC-2730A VHF/UHV FM Transceiver

4th Prize: ICOM V86 VHF VM Hand Transceiver

6.   A key thing to remember is that we will only sell a maximum of 400 tickets. Your odds will never be worst than 1 out of 400. They could be less if we do not sell out. If you buy 2 tickets, the odds become 1 out of 200. If you buy 4 tickets, the odds become 1 out of 100. It is a raffle, so 1 out of 400 and 1 out of 100 guarantee nothing, but in a lot of raffles the odds are much, much worst.

7.   Losing only means that you made a donation to the Scholarship Fund. Not the greatest outcome compared to winning a prize, but a good one nevertheless.

8.   How to get tickets:

Rosendo Guzman, N5YBG, President, 210-570-0303, Jon April, KI5CSK, Treasurer, 714-340-0460, and Harold Fleischer, AE5AS, 210-394-5514, have tickets. Call them!

At w5sc.org, you will find a link to the scholarship page on the Home Page of w5sc.org. This page includes how to buy tickets by mail or PayPal. The Treasurer will fill out the ticket stub and USPS you the big part.

You need not be present to win. Your phone number must be legible along with your name and call sign. If they are not, you will be disqualified. Put the information down and make it legible. We really do not want to disqualify anyone due to legibility.