Locked Opportunity for someone

Bill Craft

CSI is willing to trade a few CS800D PLUS radios for some help with coding. If interested continue reading.
We have three relatively simple firmware routines we want written. For the HAM who writes it we are giving away two CS800D PLUS radios. That is a total of six radios. Each one currently sells for $429.
Two of the routines have already been written for the OPEN GD77 project and what we are asking you do, is make an equivalent. We are not asking you to incorporate the routines in any radio we are only asking you to have it run on a PC. There are some specific requirements.
1. The routine should be written in C, but I will consider C++.
2. The routine should be very well documented so a competent firmware engineer would be able to take your documentation and write a working program.
3. The routines should be in no more than two files. One for the various routines and the other for the variables.
4. Integers should be limited to 32 bits. Floating point acceptable.
Shortly after it is written and those functions are implemented in the CS800D PLUS, we will release the source code so the other HAMS could understand exactly how those routines work and maybe even improve and add new features.
The three routines are as follows:
1. Satellite Communication. This routine will determine which satellite to communicate with.
2. Hot Spot. This will allow the radio to effectively act as a hot spot in conjunction with a Raspberry Pi.
3. CTCSS/DCS Decode. Determines the CTCSS/DCS code. If this is not part of the OPEN GD77 project. I will give source code written for the MC51 microprocessor as well as give you a source for an alternative way of doing things.
For competitive reasons, we are not going to give all the details now. You will be able to see the details when the routines are released.
If you are interested, please contact me by email at jerry@... or call me at 818 889 0503.