Locked Clean out your ham shack- make someone happy

Bill Craft

This year we will try something new, a FREE member's table set aside for our members who have a few items of their own that they want to sell. You should limit yourself to whatever you can get on about a 2 x 2-foot square (or equivalent) of table space, but exceptions will be considered. This is a on first come basis.  -limited to 3 spots on 6’ table
The idea is to provide a little space on a shared table for those members who don't have enough items to make a full table worthwhile. There is, of course, a catch - If you put something on the table, you have to spend some time behind it to help promote what you and others are trying to sell.
When you sell out- the next member on list gets your spot, it’s meant to be a “shared resource.
Put your asking price and your call sign on what you're selling, and we'll have a list with your "minimum price" on it for whoever is watching the table to reference if needed. If you are interested, or have questions, call or email me: Bill Craft. billc851@...