Bill Craft


If you know someone who might not have heard about our Radio Fiesta (Hamfest), don't hesitate to talk it up.

The more people who come to Radio Fiesta the better. This event earns a major portion of the funds needed to keep the club going throughout the year. Although the people who visit Radio Fiesta are important, the vendors, the people who bring their goods to sell or trade, are just as important. We do have a great number of vendors who come every year, but there is also a significant number who come only once. We have to fill those slots with new vendors. If you need information, or want to set up as a vendor, see the information on our webpage at: http://www.eventbrite.com/e/sarc-radio-fiesta-2022-tickets-91018674305



Radio Fiesta Volunteers, none of these jobs require a full day commitment or any previous training. ANY help you can provide would be appreciated. Vendor Check in, Security, Admissions and General help.

Don't just assume that "somebody else" will do these things - we need help from anybody who can assist with any of the above. If you have questions, call or email:

Bill Craft, KD2HIQ   210 570-0335 – webmaster@...

You can also sign up online at: Radio Fiesta Volunteer Signup online:  https://w5sc.org/rf-vol/

This year we will try something new, a FREE member's table set aside for our members who have a few items of their own that they want to sell. You should limit yourself to whatever you can get on about a 2 x 2-foot square (or equivalent) of table space, but exceptions will be considered. This is a on first come basis.  -limited to 3 spots on 6’ table

The idea is to provide a little space on a shared table for those members who don't have enough items to make a full table worthwhile. There is, of course, a catch - If you put something on the table, you have to spend some time behind it to help promote what you and others are trying to sell.

When you sell out- the next member on list gets your spot, it’s meant to be a “shared resource.

Put your asking price and your call sign on what you're selling, and we'll have a list with your "minimum price" on it for whoever is watching the table to reference if needed. If you are interested, or have questions, call or email me: Bill Craft.