Locked New FOX hunt challenge

Bill Craft

I am planning a Fox Hunt at Phil Hardberger Park on Saturday, 30 April0900 - 1200.  I will be hiding the MicroFox (15mw), and it will be transmitting once a minute on 146.565Mhz. 
Hunter's starting point is any parking lot for the park.  No need to wait for the group.  As soon as 0900 hits, you can start hunting.  If you can't be there at 0900, that's ok.  The hunt will continue after the first person finds it.  The Fox will still be transmitting and hidden till 1200.  
Please consider bringing non-hams out with you—especially kids who really seem to enjoy this activity.  Fox Hunting is an excellent event for newcomers to radio as it doesn't require a transmitter to find the Fox.
Those that find the Fox will need to follow the instructions on the card with the Fox to get credit.  The first person to find it will get the option to hide the Fox next month. 

I will be monitoring the AA5RO repeater 147.38 Pl 162.2 for talk-in and hints if needed.  Tips will be provided after 1100.
If you have any other questions, please let me know at n9eod@....
Thank you,
Travis Few