Locked SCAM

Bill Craft

One again they are at it- see below.

By San Antonio Radio Club - SARC

Gift card scam

The gift card scam lures members into buying gift cards through spoofed text messages and emails. It begins with a short conversational message such as “Are you there?” that appears to be from a SARC officer or member, but is actually sent from the scammer’s email account. If the recipient responds, the scammer will reply, and the conversation quickly turns into a request to purchase gift cards.

Any time an unsolicited email conversation turns into a request to purchase gift cards, it is a scam. If this happens, discontinue the conversation and delete the message. You can also protect yourself from this scam by carefully examining the sender’s email address. If it differs from the sender’s normal address, stop and delete the message. If unsure, contact the webmaster. 

Remember, no club officer will email you with a request to buy gift cards, credit cards, money orders or iTunes cards, etc.