5 April, 11 AM - 3 PM, Ham Radio Garage sale, 8115 Pintado Lane, Fair Oaks Ranch

George James

I'm cleaning out what is left from our move to Fredericksburg. There's
a 204BA 20 meter beam, a 11 element KLM 6 meter beam, rotator with
base and mast mount, Rohn 25 G 68 ft fold over tower, 125 - 150 ft of
7/8 50 ohm hard line with N connectors on both ends, assorted coax,
latter line, long wire antennas, 2 meter antennas, 2 meter amplifier,
relays, wafer switches, transformers, electrolytics, variables, tv test
equipment, and assorted other stuff.
To get there from San Antonio, take 10 west to Fair Oaks Parkway and
turn right at the Frost Bank. Take your 5th right (Royal Ascot) and
then take your 3 right (Pintado Lane). The house is at the end of the
My cell phone # 210-240-7307 for more infomation.


George, WB5LDN