locked Universal City Veterans Day Parade is November 3rd - More Help Needed

Lee Besing

This year's Veterans Day Parade in Universal City will be coming up this Saturday, November 3rd. For those of you that want to volunteer, we will be meeting at the Universal City Police Department on, where else, Universal City Boulevard. We meet there at 9 am, get our free donuts and coffee or orange juice, get our assignments and then head out onto the route.

The parade route is the normal route starting on Universal City Boulevard and turning left or south towards Randolph Air Force Base on Pat Booker Road. The route will start getting shut down at about 10:10am, with a complete shutdown done about 10:20 am. The reviewing stand will be located at Randolph Plaza Shopping Center, as usual.

We will have commercial UHF radios to hand out, because we have such a mix of ham radio operators and non ham radio operators. If you plan to volunteer and want to know the frequency that we're going to use, please contact me directly off of any list you may receive this from.

 If you have a reflective vest, please bring it and plan to wear it.

If you have extra traffic cones, for some weird reason like I do, feel free to bring them because they might come in handy.  Officially, the City Public Works will be placing barricades, cones and other devices for us to use in blocking off the entries to the parking lots and such. In practice I have always found the quantity that they have put out to be somewhat lacking.

The city does not like us to be running any flashing strobe lights before during or after the parade. They reserved that right for their police vehicles and entries that are actually in the parade.

It basically what we're going to be doing, in conjunction with the Universal City Police Department, is helping them to redirect traffic from select side roads and are major parking lots, trying to clear off all traffic north and south on Pat Booker Road before the parade itself get started. It gets a lot easier to tell people they can't turn north towards I-35 when they can see an actual Parade starting to come down the road. All of these instructions will be repeated during the briefing session at 9 a.m. on Saturday morning. Gary Tangrady K5GST will be coordinating with our law enforcement liaison for the event.

Please RSVP back to me, preferably off the list, to let me know whether we can expect to see you there or not. It is a lot of fun and we usually get together for lunch after the parade at a nearby restaurant.

Text is preferred over a phone call, but if you call and leave a message, be aware that I can to sleep in most mornings because I'm up until 2 or 3 a.m. due to my work schedule.

Lee Besing
San Antonio TX