SA Rock & Roll Marathon on Sunday, December 4th, help needed

Lee Besing

The AARO ham club has been tasked with providing Hams to assist The Rock & Roll Marathon on Sunday, December 4th, 2016.

We need volunteers at every mile marker, and a few other odd ball locations along the route.  We need about 2 dozen (minimum) volunteers to staff the assigned positions, minimum 1 ham per spot..  We currently have a dozen and some volunteers.

Free t-shirts for all volunteers.
There will be 26 new timer clocks this year!!
Duties include picking up the timing clocks prior to the event on Dec. 2nd at 530-630 pm in LOT B of the Alamo Dome (on back side, off Cherry Street, north of Durango / Caesar Chavez)  , then being on-site (On Sunday)at your assigned location prior to 630 am, ready to turn them on when AA5RO net control gives us the countdown over the radio. 
This year’s coordinator is Gilbert Santana N5CDA and you can contact him at rrm@... or 210-323-1860. Emailing Direct is preferred due to tracking of assignments and schedule.
The mile maker locations have changed change from last year because the route has changed slightly. See link below for PDF copy of map.
 So if you have a preference on location, or limitation on time available for the day of the event, please let us know.  We’ll assign locations on first come, first serve, with preferences given for those asking for repeat locations from previous years (to help minimize directional confusion). 
Most assignments require being up & on location early morning. Traffic is a mess, and gets worse the closer to 6:30 am.  Mile markers 1 thru 10 are assignments that get done quicker, but you have to be there before 6 am (or earlier) due to road closures.   We get "all access" passes, but you still end up stopping at every barricade to talk with the cops, and explain why you need to get from point A to point B.    


Gilbert Santana, N5CDA

Lee Besing
San Antonio TX