Missing Club Radio.


Since I have had no response from a prior message via the SARC email list, I thought perhaps I might reach a few additional members here on the group.  At the end of FD last year, someone volunteered to store our club radio for us (Kenwood TS-940) since Rowena & Lewis just didn’t have room to do so any longer.  Unfortunately, those of us at FD 2015 do recall someone volunteering to do so but do not recall who.

If you are holding it for us, (or recall who is), I would appreciate it if you would bring it to the meeting this Thursday, July 9th, 7 PM, at Grady's BBQ, 327 E. Nakoma,  or contact me via  K5MUG at texis dot com . 


Cray / K5MUG

VP, San Antonio Radio Club