Help! Need at least 1 more volunteer for this Saturday - Tour de Cure ride - Rest Stop Ham in Verdi, TX (NE of Pleasanton)

Lee Besing

Due to some last minute cancellations, I ended up with a couple of uncovered rest stops, but fortunately, Ray AE5HN raised his hand to cover one of them for me. 


I still need to cover a second rest stop that will likely be staffed from 9am-2pm (might get closed sooner) on the 103 mile route.  I'm not limited to only 1  ham per stop, more the merrier in my opinion.


Please contact me direct, not thru the list.  Text message 24/7 okay. If calling, please leave a message if no answer. I generally sleep in late since I work  until midnight or later most nights.   If you text, please include your name and call sign.


Location: Rest Stop #6

Verdi Community Center -

2905 Farm to Market Road 1784,

Pleasanton, TX 78064


We're using some 2 meter repeaters for this, no UHF repeaters being used.   Location probably requires use of a mobile radio / magnetic antenna or an external raised antenna like field day or base station setup.


Thanks in advance!


Lee Besing

210-771-7075 (cell - voice / text msg okay)


San Antonio, TX