WWV at 25 MHz

Tom O'Brien

NOTICE: Experimental 25 MHz WWV Broadcast

As of Friday, April 4, 2014 WWV has resumed broadcasting on 25 MHz on a limited, experimental basis. The broadcast consists of the normal WWV signal heard on all other WWV frequencies, at the same level of accuracy.

Current 25 MHz Broadcast Specifications (subject to change):

Schedule: variable; as an experimental broadcast, the 25 MHz signal is not continuous. It will typically be on the air from approximately 1500 – 2100 UTC Mondays through Fridays, but may operate outside these hours as well. The broadcast may be interrupted or suspended without notice.

Radiated Power: varies; no more than 2500 W

Antenna: broadband monopole, coordinates: 40 deg. 40' 50.8"N, 105 deg. 02' 32.6" W

Listener comments and reception reports may be emailed to: wwv@..., or sent via postal mail to:

National Institute of Standards and Technology

Radio Station WWV

2000 E. County Rd. 58

Fort Collins, CO 80524

Tom O'Brien
San Antonio, Texas