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There are multiple large public service events happening in Central Texas over the next month or two, or three. The info below is about the ones I’m aware of, mostly those around the San Antonio area, plus the biggest bicycle event in Texas, the BPMS150 in Houston. Feel free to share / re-post (carefully) this information. None of it is classified as “secret”. We need help from hams, no matter what club or group you belong to. This is truly a way for Ham Operators to shine, and for new Hams to get their feet wet with public service. Or at least that’s my story, and I’m sticking to it!

If you want your event posted on, contact Lee Besing, N5NTG, at info@....

I apologize if you receive multiple copies of this message (one time send), as I also sent to various ham radio lists, mostly in the Central South Texas area. I’ll be preparing a San Antonio Hams newsletter later this week, to send out to the 400+ hams who have subscribed to it as well. If you want to be added to the SAHams list (free subscription), simply visit and look for the subscription link at the top, all I need is your name, call sign & email address. – Lee N5NTG

Click the links below for full details on most of these events.

Ham Operators Needed – Public Service Events <>

Spring is in the air, and our calendar list of events is springing into action. We’ll eventually get all of these posted to the actual online calendar, but here is the quick and dirty listing of the next few major public service events where Hams are needed here in the Central / South Texas area.

* March 25th – Tall Texan Triathlon (Boerne), 1 day event. Participants swim in Boerne City Lake, ride their bikes 56 miles (route thru Waring), and run 12 miles. Hams needed at checkpoints / rest stops on the ride and run portion of the route, no need to get your radio wet in the lake. Gordon Dial K5SUZ coordinating. Contact him by phone (only) at 210-410-9518. No email.
* March 25th - Capitol 10K Race & Fun Run- 35th Anniversary! 35th Anniversary - Sunday, March 25, 2012. Jeff Schmidt, N5MNW, coordinating. Contact Jeff at N5MNW@...
* April 21-22nd – BPMS150 (Houston to Austin), 2 day event, arrive Friday night before to get free hotel room for SAG Hams. Using dual band mobile radios (preferred) because some nets are on VHF (2 meter) and others on UHF. Lee Besing, N5NTG, & Charlie Land, KC5NKK coordinating from San Antonio’s end. Contact Lee at 210-771-7075 or email info@..., Contact Charlie at 512-796-7565 or email at kc5nkk@.... If you want another assignment, other than SAG, we’ll get you in touch with the proper coordinators from the Houston group, or the Austin group.
* April 22nd – Wildflower 100 Bicycle Tour (San Antonio), 1 day event, start / end at Retama Park (IH-35 & 1604 area). SAG Hams and Rest Stop Hams needed. Gordon Dial K5SUZ coordinating. Contact him by phone (only) at 210-410-9518. No email.
* May 5th – Central Texas Tour de Cure (Austin), 1 day event. Start / Finish at Travis Expo Center. 5 routes, many rest stop hams & SAG Hams needed, plus net control. Using the Austin 146.94 repeater most likely. Jeff Schmidt, N5MNW, coordinating. Contact Jeff at n5mnw@... or Lee at info@... to volunteer.
* May 19th – South Texas Tour de Cure (Boerne / San Antonio), 1 day event. Start / Finish at Champion High School in Boerne, Texas. 5 routes, 8 rest stops, 8 SAG Hams (plus navigator), net control help, etc. Lee Besing, N5NTG, coordinating. Contact Lee at info@... to volunteer.
* June 9-10th – Texas Water Safari, multi-day event, but San Antonio hams usually only handle Day 1, way into the night on some locations. This year is their 50th anniversary! Visit for info about the event. Eric Olson, WB5ZJQ, coordinating. Contact Eric by email at wb5zjq@... <mailto:wb5zjq@...?subject=Request%20SARO%20%20Info> to volunteer. Packet Radio used to transmit canoe numbers to other stations down the river. Some positions are short (closer to start line), and others are mosquito bait (late into the night). This event can be lots of fun, sort of a mini-Field Day event, combined with a picnic. Every location is different.
* June 23-24th – Field Day Weekend. We’ll be posting locations for the various organized ham clubs in the upcoming weeks, and for the unorganized ones as well. So far, I’m aware of the plans for SARC, AARO, KARS, GVARC and ROOST Ham Clubs in the San Antonio Metro area and vicinity.

See more details below for the BPMS150 and Tour de Cure events…

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